Membership Information

The convocation of the university consists of regular, associate, honorary and affiliate members.

Regular members

The Vice - Chancellor

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs in his/her capacity as secretary to the Convocation

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Planning Finance and Administration

All permanent ARU members of academic staff and its affiliated institutes, colleges etc (i.e members of the teaching and research staff)

All persons who are graduate of the Ardhi University and its predecessors (Survey Training School, Ardhi Institute and University College of Lands and Architectural Studies, Ardhi Institute Morogoro (ARIMO) until 1995).

All persons who are and/or become graduates of Ardhi University.

All retired academic and research employees of ARU and its affiliated institutes, colleges etc.

Associate members

Any other person who has contributed to the welfare of the Convocation or to the University including Senior Members of Administrative Staff or any other member provided that the Annual General Meeting (thereafter referred to as AGM), has approved his/her name for associate membership.

Honorary members

Any person who has received an honorary degree from the University.

Any person whom the AGM confers honorary membership for his/her exceptional contribution to the Convocation or to the University.

Such persons as the Vice Chancellor may, upon recommendation by the President of the Convocation, appoint honorary members of the Convocation.

Affiliate members

Any graduate from other Universities with interest of identification with ARU and for this purpose have part-time teaching at the University.

The alumni shall fill an application form to register for recognition of membership in the Convocation.